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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 5 – Part 3


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“27 sunflowers, 27 petals, this painting must have been painted by Liao Xiaoqing. He said he had never met Wang Rui and didn’t recognize Liao Xiaoqing, but he seemed to be familiar with the murder. If he didn’t know him, he wouldn’t have reacted this way. Also, he drank Da Hong Pao [1], the packaging of the tea jar is exactly the same as the one placed in Liao Xiaoqing’s house. He and the sisters, there must be a connection between them.”  


Han Zecheng and Mo Yun went to the Street Garden on Hengyang Road.

It was a lively place, full of people who are on a date, exercising, strolling and taking a break from shopping.

There are no security cameras on this street. Li Hai chose such a place to trade face to face, which is really smart.

Li Hong[2] called to say that he has found a new clue; someone had been looking for Wang Rui on the Internet to investigate a case about an affair.

The two men made contact via the forum first and then started exchanging private emails later on.

 Because the message in the forum mentioned a celebrity, only a reliable and experienced private investigator would dare to take such a job.

Li Hong traced it down and found that the person that the client asked Wang Rui to check is none other than Li Hai.  


Now things can be linked together.

Let’s assume that Wang Rui was commissioned to investigate Li Hai’s cheating, but then used the affair to blackmail Li Hai.

Although Li Hai paid the money, he still couldn’t get rid of Wang Rui, so he decided to set up a trap to kill him. 

But there is one thing that still doesn’t make sense in this scenario: why make Liao Xiaoqing do it?  

Li Hong replied: “Maybe he thinks that since Liao Xiaoqing is sick, she won’t be sentenced too harshly even if she gets caught and she’ll probably get an acquittal if she’s lucky.” 

“That’s still too much trouble, finding a professional killer would have been more efficient and neat. Wang Rui didn’t run or struggle, he just lay there to be slashed, it’s likely that he was already put down, so why bother with Liao Xiaoqing and make her stab him with a knife?!” Mo Yun also tried to make sense of the situation. 


At this time, Xia Fan who had been out running the whole day came back, she seemed very excited because she had brought back some good news:

” I found out that Li Hai is Liao Xiaoyu’s Gold Master. The house where the sisters live in was originally Li Hai’s, it was transferred to Liao Xiaoyu’s name three years ago and he still transfers money to Liao Xiaoyu’s account every month.”

[1] Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is a Wuyi rock tea grown in the Wuyi Mountains. It is a heavily oxidized, dark oolong tea. The highest quality versions frequently sell as the world’s most expensive tea.

[2] Little Li Zi


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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 5 – Part 2

Han Zecheng asked Xia Fan to find Pan Li and check what other clues Wang Rui had left behind while he was going to take Mo Yun to meet Li Hai.

Little Li Zi will stay at the police station and keep an eye on the IT division to see what else can be uncovered.


Li Hai’s company is called Xinyang International; it is a well-known company and a big taxpayer.

Both Li Hai and his wife, Yang Shufang, are successful entrepreneurs who have made many appearances in the economic sections of various media outlets.

The meeting with Li Hai didn’t amount to much.

He admitted to having received a blackmail letter, but he didn’t admit to having an appointment to meet the other person.

He even said he didn’t know the other person was Wang Rui.

Li Hai claimed that he didn’t take the email seriously because he hadn’t received any delivery at all and he thought it was just a prank email.


Han Zecheng took the printed copy of the email and placed it in front of Li Hai.

Li Hai looked at it for a moment looking a bit stunned but still shook his head and said he hadn’t replied to that email, he hadn’t seen the other party, and he didn’t know what the other party was planning to use to blackmail him.

Han Zecheng also asked Li Hai if he recognized the murderer Liao Xiaoqing, but Li Hai still said no.

When asked where he was on May 17, he only said he was somewhere outdoors.

Han Zecheng also asked if there is anyone who can testify to his whereabouts, but Li Hai shook his head and said there was no one.

He called his lawyer and told Han Zecheng: “Officer Han, what I have said is the truth. If you ever find any evidence linking me to the murder, please come back with an arrest warrant. I am afraid I still have some business to do so if there’s anything else you want to know, please talk to my lawyer.”


Han Zecheng nodded, but did not leave, leisurely seemingly admiring Li Hai’s office.

He stood in front of a painting of sunflowers, took a closer look at it and asked: “Mr. Li, this painting is really nice, I wonder which master’s hand it is from?”

“It’s from a friend. It is not a famous painting. Officer Han, I’m really busy, so please go back” Li Hai clearly gave the eviction order this time.

Han Zecheng smiled and took Mo Yun with him.


He left the building and called Xia Fan: “It’s me; I know who Liao Xiaoqing’s boyfriend is. You go check now if Liao Xiaoyu’s house and bank account transactions are related to Li Hai.”

Mo Yun curiously asked: “Brother Cheng, is Liao Xiaoqing’s boyfriend Li Hai? How do you know that?”

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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 5 – Part 1

That night, Xia Fan had a sleepless night.

That mysterious boyfriend and the strange number 27 kept spinning in her head.


The next day she returned to the police station early but she found Han Zecheng and The Dragon-Mouse Brothers[1] were already there.

Xia Fan asked: “Is there any new development?”

“Yesterday you reminded me that a lot of black market private detectives are taking jobs online. So we went to Wang Rui’s house last night, got his computer back, and found out that he once sent a blackmail letter to a guy named Li Hai.”

“Li Hai? The CEO of Xinyang International?”


“Yes, according to the email address and the IP of the received email, it should be him.”

“In the email Wang Rui just told Li Hai that if he had already received the delivery and didn’t want things to be posted online, he would have to do what he says.”

It turns out Wang Rui was blackmailing Li Hai for 1 million.

The email included information about the account where the money would be transferred.

But what could make Li Hai gave such a great amount of money?

The reason was not disclosed in the email. They just talked about that delivery.

In the email Li Hai wrote back, he said that direct transfer of money was risky and asked for a cash transaction.


He told Wang Rui to bring the delivery with him and then do an exchange:

Give the money with one hand and get the delivery with the other hand.

They agreed to meet up at the Pavilion in the street garden on Hengyang Road at 2 p.m. on the 10th of April.

After that, the two emailed contact discontinued.

Judging by this email Wang Rui was not that smart.

He thought he would be safe if he gets the money sent to a personal account.

But Li Hai’s side was much shrewder.

This happened a month before Wang Rui’s death.


Is it possible that the results of that deal didn’t satisfy Wang Rui?

He was too greedy and that’s what finally got him killed?

But what does this have to do with Liao Xiaoqing?

Why would they let Liao Xiaoqing kill him though?

[1]  Little Li Zi and Mo Yun

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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 4 – Part 4

Xia Fan stood outside the door in complete shock and heard Liao Xiaoyu crying loudly inside the house.

Xia Fan stood there for a while, feeling that something was strange.


When she returned to the police station, Han Zecheng and the others had not returned to the office yet, so she took this time to look once more at the case information on the board by herself.

A mysterious boyfriend that no one except Liao Xiaoqing had seen before.

Was this really just a beautiful imagination that Liao Xiaoqing’s illness had conjured up?

How did the weird number 27, which to Liao Xiaoqing represents happiness and joy, turn into a bloody 27 stabs?

What’s the connection there?


She searched through the data files, checking all these people’s birthdays, account numbers, house numbers, phone numbers, license plates, etc.

But she couldn’t find anything to do with the number 27.

Xia Fan tired, held her head in her hands. She really couldn’t make sense of any of this.

Han Zecheng and the others came back with some news: “Pan Li has an alibi. She wasn’t even in the city that day. The 10,000 she gave to the Feng Zhengyang was because her husband’s death in Liao Xiaoqing’s hands made her think it was the gods’ revenge.”

“Seven years ago she had helped her husband, Wang Rui, commit perjury so she was worried that Liao Xiaoqing or someone else would come and get her. After getting the insurance money, she went to a shaman to keep her safe.”


“And that Feng Zhengyang was scared shitless as soon as the interrogation started. He said he will admit everything.”

“So turns out he is just a liar and a fraud. He just uses tricks to manipulate people. He doesn’t know how to kill a ghost and cannot perform any miracles.”

“Pan Li is just a client that he had fooled and he doesn’t recognize any of the Liao sisters.”

“How did Pan Li explain that huge insurance policy thing?”

“The insurance was bought by Wang Rui. He resigned seven years ago and became a private detective.”

“He called himself private detective but in fact it was more like catching adultery. Doing such an odd job, the risk factor is very high.”

“Because of what he did seven years ago, he always felt guilty towards his wife and so he bought that insurance policy.”


“If something were to happen to him one day, he would be able to leave some money for his wife, which is also some form of compensation. “

Han Zecheng sat on the chair and continued: “We checked all of this and it is indeed true.”

Xia Fan exhaled: “So now our only hope is with that Dr. Cheng?”

“Her account transactions are clean and on the surface there’s nothing suspicious to be found. She also has no motive to be involved in such a case, the only thing that we have is that she has the skills to do hypnosis.”

As Xia Fan listened, she felt a little disappointed.


She told Han Zecheng: “I think the sisters are a bit strange, I can’t explain it, but today I suddenly feel that they don’t seem to be as harmonious as we thought they were before.”

“Liao Xiaoyu, just like Dr. Cheng said, reacted very strongly to the fact that Liao Xiaoqing has a boyfriend. But it’s so hard to find true love for a person in a situation like her sister’s, if she really has a boyfriend, then she should be very happy for her. Their marriage should be a good thing since it would help to lighten her burden. But she’s very unhappy, one could even say angry about it.”

“If this boyfriend doesn’t have good intentions, then it’s a different story.”

Han Zecheng thought about it and said: “A pair of beautiful sisters with no one to depend on, rich, living in a mansion and driving a good car. The little sister is lonely and fragile, very much in need of some attention then why not give it? Take care of the little sister and then leisurely enjoy the money of the big sister.”


“But if he is really a bad man, her sister wouldn’t need to deny his existence, so something else must have happened.”

Xia Fan suddenly remembered: “You just said that Wang Rui has since been working as a private detective. Now isn’t there a lot of these black market unlicensed so-called private detectives who are secretly taking jobs online.”

“Could it be that Liao Xiaoyu wanted to get rid of this bad boyfriend and then found Wang Rui by mistake? Liao Xiaoqing killed Wang Rui not because of what happened seven years ago, but because of a new grudge. “


“So how do you explain the bizarre circumstances of the crime scene? The initial doubt we had is the fact that Liao Xiaoqing was incapable of killing Wang Rui on her own.”

Xia Fan thought for a long time, discouraged she fell down on the table and said: “So we are back to square one.”

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The Case Of The 27 Knife Stabs: Chapter 4 – Part 3

Han Zecheng smiled and said: “Since Dr. Cheng said that, I can ask you again, where were you on the night of May 17th?”

Dr. Cheng looked up at him and said: “That day was a Sunday so I was resting at home.”  


“Even after such a long time Dr. Cheng can still immediately remember that day was a Sunday. You have a pretty good memory.”

“Officer Han, I knew that something happened to Liao Xiaoqing, so naturally I paid attention to that day. It’s not strange that I would remember that it was a Sunday. I’m still busy, I can’t entertain you two anymore, please go back.”

Xia Fan was a bit disgruntled that Han Zecheng and her were being asked to leave.

When she got back to the car, she couldn’t help but complain to him: “If you think that doctor is a suspect, you should have been more cautious. You have now alerted the snake[1], we won’t be able to find anything.” 

Han Zecheng replied: “She overreacted. With such a person, you need to stab her so she’d come out of her hole. Now at least we know that the number, 27, is most likely not random. Also, besides being possessed by a ghost, now we have another logical explanation for Liao Xiaoqing’s strange behavior?”


He started the car and said: “You go find Liao Xiaoyu and Liao Xiaoqing and look up that mysterious boyfriend and the meaning of the number 27. Meanwhile, I’ll check this doctor’s whereabouts during that time and see what relationship she has with Pan Li.”

Xia Fan got the instructions and decided to go to the detention center first.

Liao Xiaoqing was still the same though she seemed a little more nervous. Like last time, Xia Fan started interrogating her, however, unlike last time Liao Xiaoqing didn’t answer any of her questions, not about the boyfriend, nor about the meaning of 27, she just kept her mouth firmly shut and didn’t say a word.

But these two things seemed to make her think of happy things, she tilted her head and seemed immersed in her own world.

She would smile and laugh, but then suddenly her tears would start to flow.


Xia Fan looked for the prison guards and asked them if Dr. Cheng had ever visited Liao Xiaoqing. The answer was no, no one had come except her sister, and of course no boyfriend has ever show up either.

Still, Xia Fan inquired more about a Liao Xiaoqing’s condition.

They said that the doctor suggested that in order to stabilize her mental state, in addition to taking medication, they also let her draw and so she has painted a wedding and a bouquet of flowers.

Xia Fan felt her heart stir a bit. She followed the guards to take a look at Liao Xiaoqing’s painting.

She had painted the wedding of a man and a woman.

From the woman’s facial features, Xia Fan could tell it was Liao Xiaoqing but the man’s face was blank.


The painting was full of bouquets of flowers. Xia Fan counted them. There were 27 bouquets of flowers. Each bouquet had 27 flowers.

Xia Fan called Han Zecheng to report this news and then headed over to Liao Xiaoyu’s house.

Liao Xiaoyu’s attitude was particularly bad this time, when she was asked about Liao Xiaoqing’s boyfriend, she could be described as fuming, insisting that this was nonsense.

When Xia Fan asked if her sister had said that she would get married in 2011 and if Liao Xiaoyu had heard about this, she started to lose control of her emotions.

She started yelling loudly:

“What do you mean she’s getting married? She’s crazy. She’s sick. Where’s that boyfriend of hers?”

“She eats my food and lives under my roof. Everything she has is mine. What more does she want? What boyfriend? What marriage? That’s just nonsense. It’s all in her head. She’s obviously not thinking clearly.”


“Are you cops stupid, too? Get out. I don’t want to hear any more of this nonsense. You’ve got nothing against me. Stop bothering us with some ridiculous reason.”

“Get out of here. I have nothing more to say to you.”

She rudely pushed Xia Fan out of the door and slammed it shut with a “bang”.

[1] She is referring to the doctor

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