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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 6 – Part 1


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Ning Wan naturally wouldn’t leave; he took a step forward and stood shoulder to shoulder with Shen Shuyun.


Shen Shuyun didn’t pay Ning Wan too much attention, he came forward, twisted the wrist of the person rushing up to him, broke it in front of him and then released his hand and pushed hard, directly throwing the person out, crashing into the person behind him who was triing to stand up. The two of them rolled together and fell down, moaning unceasingly on the ground.


The dark-skinned man tried to sneak up on him from his left side, but Shen Shuyun noticed him. He bent his elbow and slammed it into the man’s chest, only to hear a cracking sound, and the man actually fell to the ground, covering his chest and unable to even crawl!

Shen Shuyun had just broken his ribs with that blow!


Shen Shuyun frowned and stared at the remaining two, asking in a cold voice: “Are you still coming at me?”

The two young men saw that the situation was not good, and almost tried to pull their legs out and run away: “Not coming, not coming, please let us go.”

After saying that, they helped the people lying on the ground and fled in utter disgrace.

“What a bunch of bullies and bastards.” Shen Shuyun patted Ning Wan’s shoulder and said softly: “Let’s go, let’s not dwell on it.”


Ning Wan still hadn’t gotten used to Shen Shuyun’s transformation, and he somewhat dumbfoundedly responded: “Oh, okay.”

His gaze fell to the white eustoma stems that had been trampled on the ground, and he sighed again.

That damned bastard had trampled all over the flowers he had chosen for Shen Shuyun.

Because of this incident, their original plan to go to the supermarket was naturally ruined.

Shen Shuyun brought Ning Wan home, pulled out the medicine box from the locker and took out cotton swabs and iodine.

He then turned on the floor lamp next to the sofa and sat down to apply medicine on Ning Wan’s wounds. 


“That alley has been very chaotic. There were robbery, theft, and even a dead body found in that alley…The police have been called a few times before but they have failed to control the situation and then they have gradually stopped caring…Our school has instructed students not to go to that area…Why would you go there?”

Ning Wan lowered his head in embarrassment and mumbled: “I got lost…”

Unlike Shen Shuyun who easily taught that group of thugs a lesson, Ning Wan suffered quite a bit.

The right side of his mouth was broken and his face was colorful, looking miserable.

Shen Shuyun gave him medicine, looking at Ning Wan’s frustrated look, he roughly guessed what Ning Wan was moping about, and couldn’t help but lightly laugh:

“Don’t feel ashamed, so many people ganged up on you yet you didn’t let them round you up and beat you up, it’s already good enough. It’s just in terms of fighting, don’t even mention those few beta, I don’t think some alphas can beat me either.”

“Brother Yun, did you practice fighting before?”

“My alpha dad is a retired soldier,” Shen Shuyun shrugged and continued: “He previously served in the National Special Forces; he was a Special Forces soldier. He taught me all my fighting techniques – It was all about fighting and killing people on the battlefield. These are moves that an ordinary person with little or no skills and discipline will naturally be unable to beat.”

Ning Wan felt a chill on the back of his neck.


“I think you’re actually quite strong too, not quite like those omegas…”

“What do you think an omega should be like?” Shen Shuyun lowered his eyes: “Is an omega supposed to be born weak, helpless and vulnerable? Some Omegas do live like that, but that’s their choice, I just live as I please.”

Ning Wan looked at Shen Shuyun, half of his face was shrouded in warm yellow light, the other half was buried in the shadows, the interplay of light and shadow made his face appear even more smooth, his eyebrows looked warm and gentle, under a curtain of long eyelashes, hide a pair of brimming eyes.

There was always peace there, just like the person he was, gentle and forgiving, he always seemed to be soft and good-tempered. But right now, Ning Wan discovered a hidden side within Shen Shuyun.

It turned out that this person’s heart was resilient to this extent.


“I didn’t mean it that way… “Ning Wan leaned in front of Shen Shuyun, his tone slow and solemn: “In fact, as long as it’s you, I think it’s good no matter what you choose to do.”

He leaned so close that Shen Shuyun’s nose could smell a lingering fragrance of gin – it was Ning Wan’s pheromones.

These words were too ambiguous, so ambiguous that even Shen Shuyun felt a bit overwhelmed, and his ears slowly burned.

In order to hide this shy panic or perhaps burned by this unfamiliar warmth, Shen Shuyun lightly pushed a hand on Ning Wan, feigning calmness to pull the topic back to his injury:

“Sit back; I haven’t finished applying the medicine yet. Don’t move so as not to tear the wound.”


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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 5 – Part 2

Ning Wan came out of the office just after four o’clock. He stretched his back, rubbed his aching neck, and got into a taxi.

The number of times he had taken a taxi in the past few days all added up to almost more than he had in the past year: “To the city’s third high school.”


Ning Wan thought of Shen Shuyun, and his lips couldn’t help but bring some smiles back to his face.

He thought that although he was doing these things that were completely different from his usual habits, he didn’t feel forced at all – because they were all related to Shen Shuyun, so everything seemed to be coated with honey.

Ning Wan looked at the unfamiliar scenery outside the window, and changed his mind, he looked at the taxi driver and said: “Master, please drive to the nearest flower shop to the third high school, I’ll just get off there.”

The weather was so nice today which made him want to bring a bouquet of flowers for Shen Shuyun.


He originally wanted to buy a bouquet of jasmine, but it wasn’t in season; the price of jasmine was too high and the flower shop here didn’t stock this kind of flower.

So Ning Wan picked out a few white eustoma stems and had the clerk wrap them into a bouquet.

After buying the flowers, Ning Wan asked the florist for directions to the Third High School.

The clerk pointed him in the right direction and told Ning Wan the general route.

Ning Wan was a little confused, but he thought it didn’t sound like the distance was too far, so he held the bouquet of flowers in his hand and went on his way with confidence.


Twenty minutes later, Ning Evening discovered that he still thought too highly of himself, overestimating his ability to recognize the road.

After a series of left and right turns, he was still confused by the intricacies of the alley.

He couldn’t help but begin to doubt the clerk’s instructions: what happened to the part about walking in from this alley, turning a corner, and going through two more alleys to get there?

Ning Wan turned on his phone to navigate, but he really didn’t know the way, he was too unfamiliar with the area.

Even though he actually following the navigation he still made mistakes. He walked between these buildings but he couldn’t find the exit.

When he looked at the time, it was almost five o’clock.

He was in a hurry, so he couldn’t find his way around even more and walked haphazardly.

He didn’t know how, but Ning Wan actually reached a completely unfamiliar alleyway, and from afar, he saw five or six people squatting together smoking in front of him.

But before he could rejoice over the fact that he had finally found someone to ask for directions, a cigarette butt was thrown at his feet.


“Yo, here’s a fun one, and it looks like an alpha.” A man in a flowered shirt stood up from the ground, checking out Ning Wan casually with an ill-intentioned gaze: “Not badly dressed and can afford flowers, looks like a rich one.”

A dark-skinned young man behind him also stood up and echoed: “Good luck today, Brother Cheng, here comes a big one.”

Ning Wan realized that something was wrong and turned around to walk away.

But one of the guys put a hand on his shoulder with great pressure and said: “This brother, where are you going? Why don’t you come and leave something to honor your brother?”

“Let go” Ning Wan stared coldly at the man:”What do you want?”

“Money, what else is there to ask for? Buy two packs of cigarettes for your brothers!”

At this time, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang, Ning Wan took a look at it and put it to his ear: “Brother Yun, wait for me, I’m…”


Before he could finish, a muffled sound exploded in his ears –

Caught off guard, a fist struck Ning Wan hard on the side of his face, causing him to stumble, and his phone fell to the ground, rolling into the dust.

Ning Wan only felt dizzy and a cold voice came out: “I’m talking to you and you dare to make a phone call? Are you tired of living! Hurry up and pay the money or you won’t leave today and even the God of Heaven won’t be able to save you!”

Ning Wan had originally planned to give them all the money in his wallet in order to get out of there quickly, but after being punched for no reason, the fire in his heart couldn’t be contained at this point and rose up to his throat, staining his voice with a raspy and stubborn tone: “I just don’t want to, what can you do to me?”

“It’s best for you to give it on your own accord otherwise you will regret it!”

The man in the flowery shirt waved his arm and all the others came menacingly towards him.

Ning Wan sighed and gently set the white eustoma stems in his arms aside, dodging a punch as he fought with these people.

The problem was that although Ning Wan had learned fighting techniques, he didn’t often fight with others.

He had even stopped practicing his skills when he reached adulthood and now some of his moves had become rusty.

And as the saying goes, it’s hard to beat four hands with two fists. Facing these people at once, he inevitably fell behind and took a lot of punches on his body.

In the end, he was almost biting his teeth to hold on.


Just as Ning Wan twisted the man in the flowered shirt’s arm to avoid the kick that was coming at his knee, he hadn’t even noticed that someone had come around behind him, so when he turned his head, it was too late to dodge the fist that was coming straight at him!

Ning Wan involuntarily closed his eyes and gritted his teeth in preparation for the severe pain. However, the unexpected fist didn’t land on his face-

Ning Wan suddenly opened his eyes and saw a fair hand, clutching tightly at this person’s wrist, squeezing this person straight to the point of screaming: “Pain, pain!”

“I’m sorry I’m late” Shen Shuyun’s face was flushed after running so hard, he looked at Ning Wan and asked slightly out of breath: “Are you okay?”

 “Yes, I am fine…”

Only after hearing Ning Wan’s answer did Shen Shuyun’s tightly knitted eyebrows flattened.

He pinched the man’s wrist, and with one twist and turn, he removed the punk’s entire wrist, then moved very quickly to press down on the punk’s other hand that had taken out a small knife from his pocket.


He snatched the knife from his hand then kicked him violently towards his knee socket; he kicked the man so hard that he flung forward and kneeled down, wailing…

These were all things that happened in the blink of an eye.

 Ning Wan didn’t even have time to react as Shen Shuyun completed this set of walking disarming actions.

He crossed his long legs and stood in front of Ning Wan, saying sideways in a deep voice: “Don’t be afraid, you go first.”

Ning Wan:?

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After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival : Chapter 6 – Part 2

Song Jie blinked a few times and hugged Song Yi’s neck, slowly leaning in: “I don’t know what I should do right now, I need to think about it, okay?”


“You can think about it carefully” Song Yi sighed softly in his heart, patted Song Jie’s back and coaxed: “I’ll take you to my house now, don’t go out in such thin clothes in the future.”

The air flowed with the elegant scent of car fragrance; Song Jie sat up straight, gazed at the side of Song Yi’s face, and slowly rubbed her sore nose.

Song Jie and Song Yi’s father died early, Song Jie’s perception of males all came from her brother.


Before she got married, she was naive enough to think that all males in the world were like Song Yi, firm and gentle, but the cruel reality shattered her illusions. 

Her brother was unique in this world.

“It would be nice if you weren’t my brother” Song Jie whispered.  

Song Yi laughed: “Don’t say silly things, take a good rest, we’ll be home soon.”

Back home, Song Yi carefully treated Song Jie’s wounds and settled her to sleep in the guest room.

He poured a glass of red wine and leaned on the balcony with the glass.  

The midnight city lights were brilliant, neon as delicate as flowers, Song Yi had no intention of admiring it though, he took his phone out and started looking into his contacts; because of his career he knew many elite lawyers.  


Song Yi consulted them about Song Jie’s situation and the response was not encouraging.

This kind of divorce lawsuit is the most difficult to win.

The law provides for one-sided forced divorce with a three-month cooling-off period, and the marital property is divided in half, as is the debt.  

If Song Jie wants a forced divorce, the house will be divided in half with that scum and she will have to take on a load of debt.

Song Yi doesn’t want to be taken advantage of by a scum like this. There’s no such thing as a good thing in the world.

But for a while he could not think of a proper way to deal with him. His brother-in-law was like a piece of shit plaster, if he does not get the money, he will not give up.  

Song Yi was well aware that a law-abiding citizen like himself couldn’t do anything about such a scoundrel.

In the middle of the night Song Jie got up to drink water and noticed that the TV in the living room emitted a blue light; Song Jie cautiously walked over there to take a look.

Song Yi hasn’t slept yet, lazily leaning on the sofa, half squinting his eyes at the TV.

Song Jie felt guilty: “Brother, you shouldn’t worry too much about me either.”


“It’s alright, I am just not sleepy” Song Yi tilted his head and leaned on the pillow, yawning lightly.  

Song Jie moved gently and sat next to him, whispering: “I always feel that you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.”

“There’s only motivation when there’s pressure” Song Yi laughed lightly: “Besides, I’m still young so a little pressure is good.”

Song Jie hesitated and bit her lip: “But don’t you feel tired? All these years you’ve had to do everything in the house, big and small, and I’m tired of watching you do it.”

“I’m an Alpha, it’s only right to be tired, I can’t let you and mom get tired.”

Song Yi smiled, took off his glasses and put them on the coffee table: “Don’t think about it so much, with me taking care of you, even though I can’t do great riches, but I can still provide you with food and clothing for the rest of your lives.”  


Song Jie was so touched, her heart warmed: “Growing up it’s always been you taking care of others; I wish someone could take care of you.”  

“Where would I need someone else to take care of me?” Song Yi stretched his back.

People like him are like the weed in the grasslands, enduring the wind and rain, even if the weather is cold and the ground is freezing, the weed will stay put in his place.   

His was stubborn and resilient, so there was no need to take care of him.

Song Jie was speechless, she looked at him helplessly and was about to get up and go back to her room when she accidentally looked at the TV screen.

The midnight music channel was playing Gu Xingchuan’s song, the scene was a previous New Year’s Eve party, Gu Xingchuan was standing on a huge stage, with silver glow sticks all over the sky behind him like stars, quite a relic.     


“Hey… he had hit on me once; I didn’t know he was so popular now” Song Jie sighed and said regretfully: “If I had known, I would have asked him for an autograph then.”  

“He chatted you up?” Song Yi was startled, fuck, was Gu Xingchuan still human?

He actually made a move on Song Jie.

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After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival: Chapter 6 – Part 1

Song Yi came out of Gu Xingchuan’s house and walked to the parking lot.

Just as his hand was about to pull open the car door, the phone in his pocket buzzed and vibrated.


Song Yi took it out; the caller ID showed [Song Jie] on the screen.  

The time on the phone showed that it was eleven o’clock, usually people calling at this hour was not a good thing. Song Yi frowned and answered the phone.

“Xiao Jie, what’s wrong?”

The phone was quiet for a few seconds then a small voice slightly sobbing choked out: “Brother…”  

Song Yi took a guess and sighed silently in his heart: “Did you guys have a fight?”

Song Jie was Song Yi’s younger sister, only two years younger than him.


 They grew up together and had a good relationship; usually Song Yi was the first person Song Jie thought of when she encounters a problem. 

“Well…” Song Jie kept crying and almost out of breath said: “Brother, can I please come to you?”  

“Where are you now, I’ll pick you up.”

Song Jie gave him the address, it was a downtown hotel.

Song Yi drove to the door of the hotel, and from afar saw Song Jie crying with red and swollen eyes, sitting on the roadside in a mess.  

The early autumn season has started to get cold yet Song Jie was only wearing a loose purple sarong dress, her arms and legs were fully exposed as she shivered from the cold.

As soon as Song Jie got into the car, Song Yi kindly switched on the warm air inside the car and took a look at Song Jie.  


Just now it was pitch black and he couldn’t see anything, but this time there was light, and the bruises on Song Jie’s face and neck were in full view, scrawled with a layer of purple medicine.

The sight made Song Yi’s heart skip a beat.  

“How did this happen?”

It’s better if Song Yi hadn’t asked.

As soon as Song Jie heard the question, her originally dried up tears started to flow again. She pushed her head into Song Yi’s chest and sobbed:

“I’m so sorry I didn’t listen to you, I shouldn’t have married him.”

His clothes felt warm and hot because of her tears, Song Yi gently patted Song Jie’s back and softly coaxed her to ask: “Did he do this to you?”  

The first time Song Yi saw his brother-in-law, he knew what kind of person he was.


He was a rotten man who couldn’t support himself, so Song Yi advised his sister against this marriage, but Song Jie was truly blinded by love and decided to marry him anyway.  

It hadn’t even been a year since the marriage, and a whole bunch of moths[1] had come out.  

“Hmm” Song Jie nodded and took the tissue handed over by Song Yi, wiping her tears as she cried and said: “He had gone to gambling and owed three million. It was too much to hide so he dared to tell me and even asked for the baby’s education money to pay off his debt.”

Song Yi gently touched her face, the scars were shocking and the original innocent face is completely gone; this made Song Yi’s heart torn apart.

He could not wait for this ruthlessly scum to get a good beating. 


Song Jie said: “I hid the bank card and he rummaged around looking for it. When he couldn’t find it, he beat me. He was like a madman, how did he become like this…?”

“What do you want to do now?” Song Yi gently nibbled on his upper lip.

Song Jie was startled and dumbfounded, she even forgot to wipe her tears: “I don’t know.”

Song Yi took a few tissues and gently wiped away the tears on her face: “This isn’t the first time, there’s no point in continuing to hold on to a marriage like this.”

When she was first married Song Jie often quarreled with her husband.

There was a time when Song Jie run barefoot, with blood all over her thighs to Song Yi’s house in the middle of the night. Song Yi was very scared for her.  

“I… “Song Jie paused and whispered: “Brother, I’m scared, the baby hasn’t been born yet and if he grows up without a father…. “

“What you need to think about now is yourself.”


Song Yi stroked her long hair with his palm and said softly: “Xiao Jie, you should know very well that letting a child grow up in such a family is the most irresponsible act for him.” 

Song Jie looked at him blankly and sniffled a few times: “Brother, then what do you think I should do?”  

It has become a habit to ask Song Yi’s opinion on things, not only Song Jie, the family’s relatives and friends did too.

Whether it was a matter of buying a house, investment or work, all of them would make a phone call to ask for Song Yi’s opinion, after all, Song Yi was the most successful person in the Song family.  

Song Yi thought about it and said with a clear and strong voice: “Now I can give you two choices, the first one, you divorce him, I will introduce you to a good divorce lawyer, and as your brother I will help you with the baby’s matter as much as I can. You will never see this man again.”


“Second, if you choose to stay married, you will call me as soon as this happens in the future. If it is money he wants, give it to him and I can make it up to you, but you are not allowed to get yourself hurt, is that clear?”

[1]  A lot of trouble

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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight: Chapter 5 – Part 1

In the evening, Shen Shuyun cleaned out the study for Ning Wan to live in.

His house consisted of two rooms and a living room; one room was fitted out as the master bedroom, while the other was fitted out as a very large study.


Inside the study, there was a folding bed against the wall. Shen Shuyun opened this bed, brought in blankets and pillows, and cleaned the study, while Ning Wan squatted on the floor to unpack the clothes he had brought with him.

When Shen Shuyun saw Ning Wan take out a valuable piece of clothing from his suitcase he suddenly remembered that Ning Wan was driving a Porsche at the time of the crash.

He became suspicious and asked: “Ning Wan, what do you do for a living? I remember, last time you were driving a Porsche…”

Ning Wan was choked but he reacted extremely quickly and immediately said:

“I was driving my boss’s car. That day the boss just happened to want me to go pick him up, you ended up hitting me on the way, and I didn’t pick up the boss. The boss was in a hurry and waited for so long in the end he got angry and fired me.”

Shen Shuyun nodded thoughtfully and remained silent for a while, then he smoothly explained:

“Then your monthly salary shouldn’t be too low, right? I know you young people like to buy clothes to follow the trend, what’s the word for it… Oh yes, moonlighters, you must be one of them. You are unable to save money every month. But you can’t always spend money so generously, you still have to save a part of your salary every month, so that you won’t be too embarrassed if there’s any emergency in the future.”


Ning Wan was relieved. He gave him a big smile with curved eyes and promised him:” Okay, Brother Yun, I will.”

The next morning, Ning Wan was woken up by the aroma of fried eggs.

Actually, Ning Wan did not have the habit of eating breakfast.

 When his mother was still alive, she would wake him up every day, and occasionally she would even cook a simple breakfast for him.

Later on, Ning Wan moved out of the main house and went to live in an apartment by himself.  He had to go to school at 7 or 8 o’clock.

The aunt who was hired to clean up the house would come at 9 in the morning.

Since no one was making breakfast for him, he simply stopped eating, and gradually his breakfast turned into a cup of coffee.

Ning Wan turned over and got up, stepping into his slippers to get out of the room that was a little small for him, just as Shen Shuyun was scooping the fried eggs out of the pan.

The fried eggs was put into the slices of bread. Shen Shuyun put in slices of ham and tomatoes, and with one cut, he cut the bread diagonally into triangles, making the simplest breakfast.


Shen Shuyun brought the sandwich out and put it in front of Ning Wan: “I don’t know what flavor you like, just make do with this, you’ll be fine.”

“What about you, Brother Yun?” Ning Wan saw that Shen Shuyun had no intention of sitting down to have breakfast with him, so he asked: “Aren’t you going to eat breakfast?”

“I brought it in my bag; I’ll eat it on the way.”

Shen Shuyun put his hands behind his back to untie his apron and looked up at the clock hanging on the wall: “I’m going to be late, I’m going out now.”

Ning Wan also took a look at the clock and saw that the hour hand had just gone past the number six, and was shocked: “It’s not even seven o’clock, so why are you going to work?”

“I can’t help it; it’s my turn to watch the students read early today.”


Between these few words, Shen Shuyun had taken off his apron, put on his tweed jacket that was hanging on the side, and walked to the door to change his shoes:

“It’s only when I need to watch the early morning readings that I go so early, usually I can go at 7:30. »

Shen Shuyun opened the doorknob and was about to leave.

Ning Wan stretched his neck and called out to him: “Brother Yun!”

Shen Shuyun tilted his head slightly: “Hm?”

“I’ll pick you up from work tonight!”

  “…That’s fine, you might as well, we can go to the supermarket together in the evening and buy some of your favorite food.” 

Shen Shuyun waved his hand and continued: “Remember to come at five, don’t be late, I don’t want to stand around waiting in the dry cold wind.”



When Shen Shuyun left, Ning Wan slowly finished his sandwich before picking up his jacket and going downstairs.

He took out the phone buzzing in his trouser pocket and pressed the green button, listening to the respectful voice on the other end of the line: “Mr. Ning, where are you going to be picked up this morning?”

Ning Wan answered his driver: “No need, you won’t need to pick me up for a while these days whether in the morning or evening, just stay at the office.”

 After hanging up the phone, Ning Wan reached out and stopped a taxi.

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