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The Jasmine Scented White Moonlight : Chapter 6 – Part 1


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Ning Wan naturally wouldn’t leave; he took a step forward and stood shoulder to shoulder with Shen Shuyun.


Shen Shuyun didn’t pay Ning Wan too much attention, he came forward, twisted the wrist of the person rushing up to him, broke it in front of him and then released his hand and pushed hard, directly throwing the person out, crashing into the person behind him who was triing to stand up. The two of them rolled together and fell down, moaning unceasingly on the ground.


The dark-skinned man tried to sneak up on him from his left side, but Shen Shuyun noticed him. He bent his elbow and slammed it into the man’s chest, only to hear a cracking sound, and the man actually fell to the ground, covering his chest and unable to even crawl!

Shen Shuyun had just broken his ribs with that blow!


Shen Shuyun frowned and stared at the remaining two, asking in a cold voice: “Are you still coming at me?”

The two young men saw that the situation was not good, and almost tried to pull their legs out and run away: “Not coming, not coming, please let us go.”

After saying that, they helped the people lying on the ground and fled in utter disgrace.

“What a bunch of bullies and bastards.” Shen Shuyun patted Ning Wan’s shoulder and said softly: “Let’s go, let’s not dwell on it.”


Ning Wan still hadn’t gotten used to Shen Shuyun’s transformation, and he somewhat dumbfoundedly responded: “Oh, okay.”

His gaze fell to the white eustoma stems that had been trampled on the ground, and he sighed again.

That damned bastard had trampled all over the flowers he had chosen for Shen Shuyun.

Because of this incident, their original plan to go to the supermarket was naturally ruined.

Shen Shuyun brought Ning Wan home, pulled out the medicine box from the locker and took out cotton swabs and iodine.

He then turned on the floor lamp next to the sofa and sat down to apply medicine on Ning Wan’s wounds. 


“That alley has been very chaotic. There were robbery, theft, and even a dead body found in that alley…The police have been called a few times before but they have failed to control the situation and then they have gradually stopped caring…Our school has instructed students not to go to that area…Why would you go there?”

Ning Wan lowered his head in embarrassment and mumbled: “I got lost…”

Unlike Shen Shuyun who easily taught that group of thugs a lesson, Ning Wan suffered quite a bit.

The right side of his mouth was broken and his face was colorful, looking miserable.

Shen Shuyun gave him medicine, looking at Ning Wan’s frustrated look, he roughly guessed what Ning Wan was moping about, and couldn’t help but lightly laugh:

“Don’t feel ashamed, so many people ganged up on you yet you didn’t let them round you up and beat you up, it’s already good enough. It’s just in terms of fighting, don’t even mention those few beta, I don’t think some alphas can beat me either.”

“Brother Yun, did you practice fighting before?”

“My alpha dad is a retired soldier,” Shen Shuyun shrugged and continued: “He previously served in the National Special Forces; he was a Special Forces soldier. He taught me all my fighting techniques – It was all about fighting and killing people on the battlefield. These are moves that an ordinary person with little or no skills and discipline will naturally be unable to beat.”

Ning Wan felt a chill on the back of his neck.


“I think you’re actually quite strong too, not quite like those omegas…”

“What do you think an omega should be like?” Shen Shuyun lowered his eyes: “Is an omega supposed to be born weak, helpless and vulnerable? Some Omegas do live like that, but that’s their choice, I just live as I please.”

Ning Wan looked at Shen Shuyun, half of his face was shrouded in warm yellow light, the other half was buried in the shadows, the interplay of light and shadow made his face appear even more smooth, his eyebrows looked warm and gentle, under a curtain of long eyelashes, hide a pair of brimming eyes.

There was always peace there, just like the person he was, gentle and forgiving, he always seemed to be soft and good-tempered. But right now, Ning Wan discovered a hidden side within Shen Shuyun.

It turned out that this person’s heart was resilient to this extent.


“I didn’t mean it that way… “Ning Wan leaned in front of Shen Shuyun, his tone slow and solemn: “In fact, as long as it’s you, I think it’s good no matter what you choose to do.”

He leaned so close that Shen Shuyun’s nose could smell a lingering fragrance of gin – it was Ning Wan’s pheromones.

These words were too ambiguous, so ambiguous that even Shen Shuyun felt a bit overwhelmed, and his ears slowly burned.

In order to hide this shy panic or perhaps burned by this unfamiliar warmth, Shen Shuyun lightly pushed a hand on Ning Wan, feigning calmness to pull the topic back to his injury:

“Sit back; I haven’t finished applying the medicine yet. Don’t move so as not to tear the wound.”


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