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After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival: Chapter 6 – Part 3


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Song Jie nodded and smiled a little: “The day you graduated your senior year of high school, I rode your bike home and passed by our alleyway, he stopped me, there were so many people looking at him, he was literally glowing as he made a stop there, I was too embarrassed to talk to him.”


Song Yi frowned: “What did he want with you?”

“Ah” Song Jie recalled: “He asked me about my name, then said nothing and let me go.”

“He didn’t say anything else?”

“Yeah.” Song Jie thought of something again: “But I think he was waiting for someone. he was throwing a lot of cigarette butts under his feet and looked anxious.”

Song Yi frowned even more. On the day of his graduation, he asked Shen Li to go to the playground, intending to confess to him, but he was constantly worried that Gu Xingchuan would suddenly come out of nowhere to mess things up. But in the end he didn’t even see the shadow of Gu Xingchuan, who is usually never leaves his side.  

He didn’t expect that Gu Xingchuan was waiting for someone in front of his house. Who was he waiting for?  

Song Yi had a guess, and then immediately understood.


It seems that Gu Xingchuan realized that Song Yi had chosen that day to confess to Shen Li and squatted in front of his house.

But it was fortunate that Song Yi had returned in the early hours of the morning, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to avoid taking a beating from Gu Xingchuan.   

That kid looked upright, but I didn’t think he was quite scheming, he actually has learned to wait for the rabbit.

The next morning, Song Jie told him that she wanted to go out for a trip, have some quiet time alone and think about how she was going to deal with her husband.

Song Yi raised his hands in approval, helped her book air tickets and hotels, and arranged for his assistant to accompany Song Jie for a few days.

After settling everything down, Song Yi went to Gu Xingchuan’s house just like as if he was scheduled to work.


Just as Song Yi entered the front door, Liu Zhenzhen’s call came in.

Gu Xingchuan swept a glance at the phone screen across the dining table, glanced at Song Yi while slowly playing with the sweet orange in his hand.  

Song Yi picked up the phone with a stiff nod: “Brother Zhen.”

“Are you at Gu Xingchuan’s house?” Liu Zhenzhen asked with concern.

Song Yi gave a soft “hmm” and smiled: “I’m having lunch with him right now.”

Liu Zhenzhen finally let go of the matter and said: “You take care of him.” 

“I understand.” Song Yi’s voice sounded warm and gentle.

Liu Zhenzhen said: “If you have any grievances, you should endure them. Never lose your temper, and let him forgive you…”  

The table is not very big, the distance between the two was very close and the house was very quiet so what Liu Zhenzhen said, Gu Xingchuan could clearly hear word for word.

He frowned with displeasure and kicked Song Yi’s calf lightly under the table: ” Give me the phone.”  

Song Yi gave him a look that kind of says, “What do you want?”

Gu Xingchuan glared at Song Yi in a bad mood: ” Is there anything I can do to hurt you?”

Song Yi thought to herself, “Haven’t you hurt me enough?” but he still handed him the phone.

Gu Xingchuan received the phone and directly pressed the speaker and said in low magnetic voice that felt like a heavy pressure on a piano string: ” Brother Zhen, hello, I am Gu Xingchuan.”

Liu Zhenzhen froze for a few seconds, his voice changing smoothly, smiling like the warmth of the three springs: “Oops! Xingchuan! How’s your injury? Want me to come see you? You don’t know how much I’ve been worried about you these past few days, and I blame our Song Yi…”


“Don’t blame him” Gu Xingchuan looked over at Song Yi, who was watching him as well with narrowed eyes.

Gu Xingchuan didn’t look away and said: “I was thinking of a new song that day, and I accidentally bumped into his car when I was walking, so it has nothing to do with him.”

Song Yi gave a surprised “hmm” and didn’t understand the reason for Gu Xingchuan’s sudden outburst of kindness.

Liu Zhenzhen never expected such a reversal: “This…”  

Gu Xingchuan’s jaw slightly lowered and calmly said: “One more thing, Song Yi and I are classmates, we are good brothers, I won’t let him suffer any grievances, please speak more politely to him in the future.”

Liu Zhenzhen was completely clueless, but as an agent, he still has the ability to react on the spot, laughingly he said: ” The flood rushed into the Dragon King Temple, a family does not recognize a family. Song Yi has never told me about your relationship, this is good, he is also considered to have a care in Star Entertainment.”

“Yes, I’ll be covering him” Gu Xingchuan laughed lightly, looked at Song Yi with a raised eyebrow and said meaningfully: “He’s my person now.”


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The Raccoon Ate The Dragon: Part 3


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I was an idiot for going to the meeting place with high hopes when he told me he had something important to talk about on Christmas Eve night.


We had been together for 4 years; I was 26 years old; I was at the right age to get married. He always said, “We’ll get married next year,”. He also mentioned that he was expecting a promotion at the beginning of the year, so how could I not be hopeful?

We would meet at the station, have dinner at a fancy restaurant, and finally he would surprise me with a proposal?

What an idiot I had been for imagining that!

I also hoped that afterwards we would stay in a slightly higher rated hotel? The next day is my day off, so I thought that we would spend the whole night together…Ah I’m really stupid for wearing such an expensive pair of underwear!


I had arrived an hour before our meeting time because I was so excited, but the person who appeared in front of me was a slender, well suited, beautiful woman.

Huh? Huh? Why are Shinjo-san and Fushimi-san together?

Oh, a coincidence? Maybe they ran into each other? …But why are the two of them locking arms with each other?

I think I looked at them with a blank stare. I must have looked pretty dumb.

“I’m sorry, Meiko. This is the way it is, so let’s break up.”


“I’m sorry Tanuki-senpai[1]. Even though I knew you were going out with Shinjou-san, I just couldn’t give up…”

That’s right. I had kept it a secret from the company, but I had told Fushimi-san that I was going out with Shinjo-san in secret… or rather, she found out. Normally, if you already knew, would you still take your senior’s boyfriend?

I mean, what about Shinjou-san?

Would you dump your girlfriend of the right age after 4 years of dating and switch to a younger girl in the same department?

Have you thought about whether you’d have trouble with your previous girlfriend or maybe jeopardize your job?

What a steel mental mentality.

The shock was so great that I was left stunned. All I could say was ‘Oh, yes’.


Maybe it’s because my answer was so simple, and the two of them had a kind of subtle look on their faces, but in the end, with a smug look on their faces, they just left, arm in arm, with only the useless information of ‘I have dinner reservations’.

As for me, I walked around the city in a daze, unable to recover from the shock. The whole city is filled with Christmas excitement. Every shop I walked into was full of happy couples.

I finally found a small tavern in a back alley that didn’t seem to be celebrating Christmas at all.

“Sweetheart, sweetheart, are you okay?”

He gently shook my shoulder and I opened my eyelids. Oh no, I must have fallen asleep.

“Ah! I am having a great time!”

“Are you sure you’re OK?”

I noticed that I was apparently the only one there and the restaurant seemed to be closed for business.

While I was still sober, I managed to pay the bill and walked out of the shop, waving to the landlady who was anxiously seeing me out of the shop.

I shouldn’t have worn high heeled, fashionable shoes.

But still, what time is it? Did I miss the last train?


According to my original plan, I was supposed to be making out with Shinjo-san at the hotel by now. Until a few hours ago, I had no intention of taking the last train home.

Right now, Shinjo-san and Fushimi-san must be flirting with each other~ Having a pillow talk? The thought of me sleeping in bed alone, laughing at myself, made me feel angry and the good feeling of being drunk disappeared.

I am definitely not going to spend tonight alone…. I’m going to do whatever it takes to have sex with a man!

I was originally going to get laid tonight. A random stranger on the street, I’ll definitely eat your dick!

Bold ideas that I normally wouldn’t think of come out of my mouth tonight. Being drunk is amazing.

Once I made up my mind, I had no choice but to find a partner.

I walked down the street, looking around with the eyes of a hunter.

All these guys are walking around with their arms around their partner, what is this! Was there a law that says you can’t walk alone tonight?

If you look around, there are couples all over the place, and if you see someone walking alone, it’s usually an uncle and you hesitate somehow.

I’m going to eat your dick! Although I was enthusiastic and said that but I didn’t mean that I could do it with anyone.

It was at that moment that I found a young man standing at the entrance of a dark building one street off the main road.


I stopped and stared at him.

From a distance, I could see that he was well built, well dressed and older than me. I guessed that he was in his mid-thirties at most…

It was too dark for a rendezvous. He was all alone with no sign of a woman.

Yes! Success!

Once I found my prey, I scolded my shaky legs and hurried down the narrow alleyway in a straight line toward the man.

[1] A senpai is a person who is either older, more experienced, in a higher social position or to a person who has entered the same school or workplace earlier.


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