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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Side Story about the two doctors 2-2


That night, the two were persuaded to drink a lot of wine to celebrate.

The Doctor wasn’t really a very good drinker, but when he saw the little doctor squinting his eyes and choking on the wine, he still obliged and blocked a couple of drinks for him.

However, the Doctor was quickly getting drunk, and his head was so dizzy that he couldn’t see around him.

He felt that the little doctor who was holding him up seemed different from his usual self.

Not so silly anymore but instead felt very familiar.



The next day the doctor woke up in his own apartment with a hangover that was giving him a headache so he wanted to get out of bed and drink a glass of honey water.

Just as he tried to get up, he suddenly felt something moving next to him under the covers.

The Doctor was startled and lifted the quilt open.

A small, furry head was then exposed.

The little doctor who was not wearing his glasses smiled and said to the doctor: “Good morning.”



The Doctor’s face turned pale.

The little doctor hurriedly explained that he had borrowed the Doctor’s bed for the night because he was too tired, and that they had simply slept and done nothing else.

The Doctor breathed a sigh of relief.

Still, he turned the white and tender little doctor over, checked his whole body, and found that there were no special marks.

Only then did he let out the remaining half of his breath.

One must admit that the Doctor was quite strict in his work.



The little doctor shyly put on his clothes and drove home in his sports car.

The Doctor took the day off to recuperate at home.

As soon as he arrived at his office the next morning, he saw the dean standing in front of his desk.

The Doctor felt guilty.

The Dean smiled kindly and came over to the Doctor and patted him on the shoulder.

“Eason, I was right about you. From now on, my son will be in your care.”

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