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Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 19 – Part 2


The stepfather said to Shou-wife:

“The main reason we came this time is to discuss the matter of your brother studying abroad.”

“Actually, it’s for your own good, you see, your kind of people cannot have a child in the future, and when you are old and have no one to rely on, won’t you need to have your brother by your side to support you?”

“If you treat your brother better now, he will repay this kindness in the future when you need him.”



The stepfather said some more words to convince him but Shou-wife just listened silently.

The stepfather looked like his acting on a show; his face had a greasy smile on it.

“Ah Qi, so…”

“So when you were treating Ah Qi badly, why didn’t you think you’d need him one day in the future?” Broken-Leg Gong forcefully interrupted him.



The stepfather’s face looked a little uncomfortable but firmly said:

“How can this be the same? At that time, the family conditions weren’t any better than now, and it was not easy to raise two children. The elder brother had to concede to the younger one.”

Broken-Leg Gong laughed and said: “Oh, it’s different alright. The current situation is that we have money, but we won’t give it to you.”

The stepfather’s face immediately darkened.

He put away the fake smile, jumped up from his seat and pointed at Broken-Leg Gong’s nose while cursing him out.

“Who the fuck do you think you are? Getting arrogant because you have a bit of money? Listen, if it weren’t for his mother I wouldn’t have come nor would I have asked for your money!”



Broken-Leg Gong who was just waiting for him to get annoyed, felt rather good and said: “We won’t be seeing you out.”

Shou-wife’s mother had just been sitting quietly, all this time, feeling embarrassed, but now she couldn’t sit back anymore and do nothing, so she started pulling her husband out of the house.

The stepfather couldn’t swallow his anger, so when he reached the door, he shook off his wife’s hand and spit on the floor, shouting at Shou-wife:” You damn homosexual, you will catch a disease sooner or later and die!”

Broken-Leg Gong raised his plaster leg fiercely and violently kicked the stepfather’s ass to get him out.



Broken-Leg Gong then slammed the door shut and clapped his hands proudly.

However, when he turned back, Shou-wife was standing behind him with his head hanging down.

Broken-Leg Gong panicked, what he said just now was a bit harsh; they are still Shou-wife’s parents. He was venting his anger without considering his wife’s feelings?

Broken-Leg Gong hurriedly apologized: “I’m sorry, baby, I was a little impulsive just now, in fact, we can give them the money they need.”

Shou-wife still did not say anything.


Broken-Leg Gong hugged his wife while persistently coaxing him: “Baby, Little Qi, wife…”

Shou-wife finally laughed and raised his head helplessly: “Stop screaming, I am not angry with you.”

Broken-Leg Gong only inches apart from his face said: “Then give me a kiss.”

After saying that, he pressed Shou-wife against the wall and kissed him deeply.

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5 thoughts on “Your Husband’s Leg is Broken : Chapter 19 – Part 2

  1. Whenever they bring up the child part im thinking
    Is adoption not a thing, is surrogacy not a thing, artificial insementation not a thing.
    Hell im not even gay and i rather adopt.

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