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Warm Waters: Chapter 9 – Part 3

Twenty minutes later, Ji Yan arrived at their old house.

Everything in the room was still the same, nothing has changed.


Ji Yan put the recently bought groceries in the kitchen, took off his coat and started washing them.
After a moment, he suddenly noticed a photo frame on the table; Ji Yan picked it up and found that it was a photo of himself and Lu Yichen.

This photo hasn’t been there before, and Ji Yan couldn’t even tell when it was taken. 
In the photo, Lu Yichen was wearing his high school uniform and playing basketball on the playground with his friends. Ji Yan was standing not far away, holding three glasses of lemonade in his hand.
Ji Yan stared at the young face of Lu Yichen in the photo. He was wearing his high school uniform which was marked with the blue school logo.

He figured it was when Lu Yichen was still in his third year of high school. He was Playing Basketball with his friends.

That game was very popular among youngsters back then.

Zhou Ke, his friend, had ordered three glasses of lemonade for take away, and Ji Yan was the one delivering them.

Lu Yichen, who kept scoring goals on the basketball court, attracted his attention so he stopped to watch for a while.


It should be around this time that this photo was taken by someone.
It was such a long time ago. At that time, Ji Yan was still very young, holding a trail of lemonades and staring stupidly at the Lu Yichen.

Ji Yan didn’t know from where did Lu Yichen get this photo?! And to think that he even framed it!

Ji Yan smiled and put down the photo, he then walked into the kitchen to resume washing the vegetables.

When he was about to finish, he felt a bit tired so after watching the time, he decided to take a little nap and wait until Lu Yichen came back to start cooking. 
Entering the bedroom, Ji Yan took a deep breath.

He fell on the bed, hugging Lu Yichen’s quilt and closed his eyes. Within a quarter of an hour, he drifted to sleep.
Ji Yan slept for a long time and didn’t know when Lu Yichen came back.
Today is Tuesday; Lu Yichen missed his last two sessions. He instead went to a nearby residential building to give a fifth-grader boy a math class and then came back.


He still hadn’t had dinner yet and was planning to cook some noodles.
As soon as he entered the room, Lu Yichen realized something was different.

The photo frame on the table was put down, and a coat that didn’t belong to him was hanging with his clothes. They were also washed vegetables in the kitchen basin.
Lu Yichen shivered slightly and he couldn’t believe his guess.

He took a deep breath and pushed open the bedroom door.

When he saw someone sleeping in his bed, his fingertips shook with excitement.
He crept into the bed, leaned over and kissed Ji Yan’s face. He kept kissing his whole face, going from the top to his lips and then his earlobes.

Soon, he found himself unable to stop.

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3 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 9 – Part 3

    1. He did confess his feelings more than once so YES he does love him a lot and as we have seen these recent chapters, he is being very careful and sweet towards Ji Yan because he is still afraid to be left alone again!


  1. Ji Yan was staring Lu Yichen even before they were together? Hehehe. That must be really heart-warming for Lu Yichen. He has had that photo hidden for so long!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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