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Warm Waters: Chapter 9 – Part 2

In the past, Ji Yan always thought that Lu Yichen did not have the ability to learn.

With such a low EQ, he has spent those three years together teaching how to be more sensible.


However in these few months, Lu Yichen showed a rapid progress in terms of EQ which made Ji Yan realize that smart people are indeed smart in all respects.

At that time, Lu Yichen did not try to learn because he was used to Ji Yan always giving in.

And since Lu Yichen got accustomed to this, he never tried to understand Ji Yan or see things from his perspective.

The plane took off slowly.

Ji Yan put on an eye mask and fell asleep. When he got off the plane again, he turned on his phone and found that there were two missed calls from Lu Yichen.

He called a taxi and went straight to their old apartment.


The two now lived in different places; Lu Yichen had to pay the rent by himself.

Ji Yan tried to persuade him to go live in the school dormitory since the rent was too expensive for him to pay for it alone.

But Lu Yichen always refused, and when Ji Yan asked him why, he wouldn’t say anything so Ji Yan wondered why he was so adamant to keep living there.

It was already late autumn and the weather was not as hot as it used to be.

Ji Yan looked at the rushing traffic outside the car window and dialed Lu Yichen’s number on his phone.

“Have you eaten lunch yet?” As soon as the call was connected, Ji Yan asked.

“What time has it been brother Yan, of course I have eaten it.”

“What did you eat?”

“Noodles, clear soup with little water, not as delicious as the one you make.” Lu Yichen’s voice suddenly dropped: “Brother Yan… “



“I miss you.”

Ji Yan froze for a moment, his heart beating very fast, trying to keep calm he asked: “What do you miss about me?”

“I miss everything, I want to eat everything you make and I want to especially eat your fried rice with eggs.”

Ji Yan remembered that the meal he has ever made for him was fried rice with eggs.

“I also want to drink your lemonade. Brother Yan, I miss you.” Lu Yichen repeated it again.

The strong sunlight outside the window was too dazzling, and Ji Yan blinked for a second: “I miss you too.”

In fact, the two haven’t seen each other for almost a month. Lu Yichen was busy designing for his robot competition and Ji Yan was busy with work and his new residence.

So every night, the two will make a video call to see and talk with each other. It’s a luxury, but it doesn’t solve satisfy their need for each other.


Seemingly feeling the atmosphere becoming ambiguous and melancholic, Lu Yichen immediately changed the subject and said: “Brother Yan, I checked the meaning of puppy versus wolf online. I think I am a puppy. What do you think?”

Ji Yan did not expect Lu Yichen also went to do homework online, laughing out loud he said: “I think you are just stupid.”

“You are stupid.”

Ji Yan raised an eyebrow and said: “Really? Who is stupid?”


“Who is stupid?” Ji Yan asked again, but you could still hear the teasing in his voice.

“I’m stupid, I’m stupid” Lu Yichen’s voice was wronged.

“That’s right.” Ji Yan laughed again.

When passing by the vegetable market, Ji Yan got out of the car ahead of time, he wanted to pick some vegetables from the market and go back to make Lu Yichen some delicious food. The walk from the market to their residence only takes ten minutes anyway.

After a full twenty minutes in the vegetable market, Ji Yan carried two large bags of vegetables.

The vendor who quite familiar with him, smiled and asked:” Are you picking up food for your shop again?”

Ji Yan waved his hand and said: “No, they are for me.”


“Then why are you buying so much, can you eat it all alone?”

“I am a northerner so I am used to this much. “

Ji Yan’s explanation is reasonable, so the vendor didn’t ask again. After all, there’s a big contrast between north and south when it comes to grocery shopping.

Over at Ji Yan’s house, he is used to his family buying enough groceries to last them a few days, and it’s hard to tell if it’s because it is a habit of stocking up that’s been around since ancient times or because they are just lazy.

Before leaving the vegetable market, Ji Yan run into the lady that bought his old fast food restaurant.

When the old aunt saw Ji Yan, she was surprised: “When did you come back? Did come to see your brother?”

This aunt was also their neighbor and always thought of him and Lu Yichen as brothers. They had a good relationship with her, so Ji Yan only charged her half the price of his shop.

“Yes, I came back to visit him. Auntie Li, how is your business doing lately?”

“It’s doing very good. By the way, Little Yan, did you tell your brother when you left? Because he came to the store that afternoon looking for you, I told him that you gave me the store. He was sad to hear this and barely held back his tears.”


Ji Yan was a little stunned. Lu Yichen never told him that he went to his old store to look for him.

“Little Yan, you should have told your brother that you were leaving. I think he was panicked at the time.”

Ji Yan came back from his daze and nodded: “You are right, Aunt Li. Excuse me but I have something to do so I am going back first.”

“Ah! “

” You go then!” the old lady smiled and ushered him to go with her hands.

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2 thoughts on “Warm Waters: Chapter 9 – Part 2

  1. He went to the store looking for Ji Yan? When? They met at their department after that quarrel… or Lu Yichen went to the store before that? So Ji Yan sold the restaurant immediately after their fight? So what? Lu Yichen looking for him that time doesn’t change things… But it seems Ji Yan has been moved for this.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. I think he went to look for him just after that last argument at their apartment. As for when did he have the time to sell the shop, I really don’t know ! Maybe like you said he had already plan this and was just waiting for the right moment!


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