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Warm Waters: Chapter 5

Lu Yichen woke up from the small sofa with a bit of a hangover.

Ji Yan was busy in the kitchen, and when he saw that he had woken up, he brought the breakfast out: “Come and have something to eat.”


The food on the plate was very simple. Two glasses of hot milk and two sandwiches.

Lu Yichen’s mood seemed to be still very down.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Ji Yan asked.

“I really don’t have any appetite, I’m sorry.”

Ji Yan saw Lu Yichen’s sullen look, thought about it and said: “Does the person you like want to go study abroad?”

Lu Yichen froze for a moment and did not answer, but his blinking eyes gave him away.

“Is the other party a boy?” Ji Yan seemed to be just asking, but his expression was firm.

Lu Yichen shuddered, opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

Ji Yan did not know whether he wanted to admit it or deny it.

“Last night, you said it yourself when you were drunk” Ji Yan thought for a moment and tried to comfort him: “Don’t feel inferior because of this, this is not a disease. Not being recognized does not mean that it does not exist, nor does it mean that you are wrong. When you go to a wider environment, you will find that there are many people like you.”

Lu Yichen looked at Ji Yan in surprise. No one had ever said these words to him.


Immediately afterwards, Ji Yan added: “For example, I am.”

Lu Yichen was in disbelief.

The handsome shop owner in front of him turned out to be gay. Just like him.

In an instant, Lu Yichen felt an indescribable feeling in his heart.

“So don’t worry about it, you are just normal, really” Ji Yan smiled and handed him the glass of milk.

Lu Yichen hesitated but took the milk and took a bite of his sandwich.

The teenager soon finished his breakfast and thanked him solemnly before he left.

Ji Yan didn’t care much whether he thanked him or not, because he just wanted to tell him these words.

A few minutes later, the boy returned and smiled shyly, his face very cute.

“That… Can boss lend me some money?”

“How much?”

“200, I want to buy a birthday present for my friend” Lu Yichen blushed a little when he said that.

Ji Yan took out two red banknotes from his pocket and handed it to Lu Yichen: “Are you going to give it to the boy in high school uniform from yesterday? Do you know what to buy? Do you want me to help you choose?”


“It’s too much trouble for you, I’d rather not.”

“It’s all right. I happen to want to go for a walk too.”

Lu Yichen no longer refused: “Then, I’ll come by tonight.”

That evening, Lu Yichen brought Ji Yan to a sports shoes store.

Ji Yan stared at the sign hanging on the shoe store and was slightly shocked. Does Lu Yichen want to give his classmate shoes? This brand of shoes can’t be bought with 200 yuan though.

Lu Yichen quickly selected a pair of white sneakers. Ji Yan glanced at the price tag, 1,200. He sucked in his breath. The boy really was willing to spend money.

After leaving the shoe store, the two walked slowly towards the bus stop.

Ji Yan’s old mother character came out and he couldn’t help but ask in worry: “I remember your family is not good financially? The money for these shoes…”


Ji Yan hoped Lu Yichen was not the kind of person to use his parent’s hard-earned money to buy expensive gifts for his friends.

“The money for the shoes I buy is usually earned from my part-time jobs, I don’t use my family’s money for that” Lu Yichen replied.

Obviously, he understood what Ji Yan meant.

Ji Yan thought about it and continued to ask: “Why do you choose to buy shoes? If you don’t get the right size or style…”

“No, the size and style I bought are suitable for him” Lu Yichen’s tone was positive, the corner of his eyes curved.

“He likes these shoes very much, I know” he said again as a gust of evening wind blew his hair.


Seeing Lu Yichen’s eyes, Ji Yan suddenly understood who the person he liked is. The eyes cannot deceive. That look, those smiling eyes were just like a person in love.

Somehow, Ji Yan felt envious of that gentle boy.

Time flew by quickly.

The day before graduation, Lu Yichen came to resign from the shop. Ji Yan had already expected this, but still, when it was finally time to say goodbye, he was very reluctant and sad.

Lu Yichen stepped forward and hugged him. His hot breath sprayed behind his ears: “Brother Yan, thank you.”

Since it was no longer a boss-employee relationship, Lu Yichen naturally changed his way of addressing him.

On this hot summer day, the young man’s hot body clung to him. Ji Yan’s heartbeat accelerated, remember? He is gay, he can’t help it.


The teenager was unaware of the fire he ignited inside of Ji Yan, and after ending the hug, he just left.

In the evening, on his way back after closing his shop, Ji Yan heard a quarrel in the alley.

Ji Yan has always been a man who is not too busy to watch a good show, so he stopped his bicycle and quietly approached the entrance of the alley.

“Xia Jinian, didn’t you say you wouldn’t leave?”

Ji Yan heard such a sentence as soon as he passed by.

This angry voice sounded very familiar.

“Yichen, just listen to me. Wait for me until I come back from studying abroad and we can be together then.”

Hearing this, Ji Yan suddenly figured it out. It turned out that Lu Yichen was arguing with Xia Jinian.


He had heard this person’s name in Lu Yichen’s mouth before; he was Lu Yichen’s sweetheart.

“You are seriously asking me to wait for you? How can I wait for you? You don’t even know how many years you will be staying there.” In the dim alley, Lu Yichen clenched Xia Jinian’s shoulder.


“Forget it, let’s go, we will still be friends when you come back.” Lu Yichen let go of him and leaned slowly against the wall.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Can’t you just wait for me?” Xia Jinian suddenly raised his tone.

“No” Lu Yichen bowed his head.

Xia Jinian was stunned; he backed two steps away, turned around and ran out of the alley.

Just then, he met Ji Yan who was standing at the alley’s entrance. Flustered, the two stared at each other for a moment. Under the dim street lights, Xia Jinian’s eyes were watery.

“Ah… I was passing by…” Ji Yan said and scratched his head.


Xia Jinian frowned and quickly ran away. After Xia Jinian left, Ji Yan walked into the alley.

The Heartbroken teenager still leaning against the wall was covering his face with both hands and crying in a low voice.

Ji Yan tiptoed and touched the teenager’s head, the scent of wine got into his nose, he frowned and asked softly: “Did you drink again?

The teenager just kept on crying.

Ji Yan was thinking about how to comfort him when he was suddenly held inside a strong chest.

Lu Yichen took Ji Yan into his arms, buried his head in his neck, and let his tears flow down to his shoulders.

“He… Tomorrow he will go to study abroad …” Lu Yichen rubbed his teary cheeks twice on Ji Yan’s face.


Ji Yan’s heartbeats quickened again, he felt distressed. He didn’t want to see Lu Yichen miserable like this, did not want him to cry and did not want to see him sad.

So, he did the most impulsive thing in his life. He grabbed Lu Yichen’s head and attached his lips to his.

Lu Yichen’s eyes widened in surprise.

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  1. Ji Yan!! That wasn’t a proper time to Kiss the boy! You’re going to become a rebound fling!!

    That Xia Jinian has so much face… Asking Lu Yichen to wait for him. But he really seemed to care for him, right?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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